Altijd Voordeel maandabonnement verkeerde klasse restitutie mogelijk?

  • 5 december 2014
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I have a question, I want to buy altijd korting (2nd class) from the tran station but the female put for me 1 class altijd korting, so everyday i check in and check out with 1st class korting. how shoudl i change it and get the money back? seems the klantservcie and the train station totally cannot help. 😞

10 reacties

Welcome to our forum vary1121, I'm sorry to read you bought the wrong subscription. Since you have traveled with this subscription, unfortunately I can't give a refund for this. I changed the name of the topic.
Hello, actually it's the female who place for me the wrong one. Which i request is the 2nd class not the first class.
hope possible to change it.
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You should be able to change it via a MijnNS account at Also, when you go to the ticketmachine or ticketdesk you can use 'Klassewissel' for 1 day.
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You can not downgrade Your subscroption the option from Gert-Jan is the only possiblty.
Every day put klassewissel on your card
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But it isn't a downgrade. Altijd Voordeel, just like Dal Voordeel doesn't differ in price whether you choose first of second class , and resulting from that the class setting should be 'permanently' adjustable via MijnNS.
really disappointed on NS!!! bought it from the account of train station in Den Bosch. they put the order for the 1 class. But in the end no one can help this case. Want my money refund and apologize from NS.
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Have you tried to adjust the product via MijnNS or the ticket machine? You could have done that right after the first check-in when you noticed the subscription had the wrong class setting.

Instructions in Dutch, but I guess you can find someone to help you.
thx. that i tried but the money which i already paid by 1st class can I ask for refund back?
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No you can't because it is impossible to prove that the service desk employee made a mistake, and that you did not notice this when checking in, and that you did not travel first class.