Can't Buy NS Altijd Vrij After Cancelling NS Flex

  • 4 February 2020
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Hi, Chris here.

I previously had an NS Flex subscription, but due to the work I need to change to annual NS Altijd Vrij+BTM.

One of NS officee helped me to cancel the NS Flex, and I have confirmed it in the machine as well.

However, now I cannot order the NS Altijd Vrij via the website. The notification said "you cannot combine this product with another subscription", while at this moment I have no subscription at all.

Any solution?





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Hello chr_dwiadi and welcome to the NS Community. 

If I understand you correctly, you cancelled and removed the NS Flex subscription per today. That makes that you can't order a new season ticket at this moment. Please try again tomorrow. It should work at that time.