Cancel/end the student discount and personal OV-card

  • 2 augustus 2015
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Hello guys! I have the OV-chipcard and with it the student discount but I do not live in the Netherlands anymore, is there a way to cancel this online? As I cannot find it in my account or anything realted.

Thanks in advance!

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Hello Gustavo, welcome to our Service Forum!

I assume that you have the Dal Voordeel subscription for ex-students right now. When we cancel your subscription we will need you to deactivate the contract at a NS ticket machine. However, if you already left The Netherlands that will be no option. Therefore you'll first need to contact the OV-chipkaart customer service to block your card. Please, click here for their contact details. Five working days after the card has been blocked, you can contact our customer service and terminate the subscription by using the phone number 0031-30 7515250. It's also possible to contact us through Twitter or Facebook or you can send me a private message with your name, postal code + house number, date of birth, card number, email address and IBAN since you live abroad.

P.s. Your topic has been moved to Abonnementen (Subscriptions).