Cancelling subscription from abroad

  • 15 december 2014
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Good to hear. Please contact me after two days.
SudPralad, I have now cancelled your subscription. However, you do need to pay the amount that is due for September, since your contract has been cancelled per October, 2015.
Thank you!
Can any moderator help me cancel my subscription? While I think I already did it before leaving two years ago I received email about renewing my subscription. Ps I have already canceled my card but I still receive payment emails
DK10, if you cancelled the OV-chipcard, you can ask for a cancelation of the subscription. You can do so per Twitter and Facebook, or by calling us (0031 30 75 15 250).
Non of this is an option.i know it sounds weird but the only available option is email. Also I am pretty sure i cancel my subscription and the card is inactive for 1,5 year. Why did I receive payment reminder?
Could you give me the reference number of the contract?
DK10, we sent you two e-mails regarding the renewal, in August and September.

Since your card has been cancelled on November 18, I have cancelled the subscription per 24.11.2015. I will send you a private message with information regarding the remaining debt.
I do not live in the Netherlands anymore, and I want to cancel my ov-chipcard and Daal abonnement since months but it does not work. Everytime there is a different procedure someone (either staff or info on the website) advises me to follow, and every procedure so far did not work.
I for instance tried to do the procedure to first cancel my ov-chipcard online, or report it as "lost", but this doesnt work for some technical issue. I only get the message "End P-card", but receive no confirmation email or the like. Now someone told me to do it via a letter, but the formular he sent me for doing so says that BEFORE cancelling the OV-chipcard, I have to cancel the ns-subscription. This is the opposite information from the one I got before. I would be happy to receive help from you, especially because the abonnement will be renewed in February and I do not want to pay 50€ for nothing again.
@elila: I understand that it sounds contradictory. The usual procedure is to cancel your subscription before you end the card, because the cancelation needs to be completed at a ticket machine. When you live abroad, the procedure is the other way around. You can use this form and contact us for the termination after the card has been ended.
Ok, thank you!
Dear Inge,
I cancelled the card via the letter and online it says that the status of the card is "beeindigd", the cancelation was "doorgegeven" on Dec 31 2015.
I also received a letter regarding the reimbursement of the saldo, which I think will not work since they have registered a bank account that does not exist anymore. But that is not a big issue since the saldo is not much.
Could you now help me to cancel the subscription at NS?
Hi Elila, could you send me a private message with your personal information?
Elila, your subscription ends on the 6th of February. You will receive a confirmation e-mail.
I'd like also to cancel subscription. I've tried to do it last year, and was sure it was successful, but today I AGAIN get the email about the renewal of subscription from March 2016. I've requested to block OVchipcard few months ago, but today I was able to create MyOV account with it, and it was still active, so I've terminated it and got conformation that it status now is 'terminated'. Can anyone now cancel the NS subscription?
Welcome on this NS Serviceforum ai88. It will take a few days till we can cancel the product. I will do that for you. Please send me a private message with the cardnumber, personal details en your current IBAN.
Good Morning:

I cancelled my subscription last year, I sent my card via mail and had to pay 90 euros because they wouldn't let me cancel my subscription online, even tough I haven't lived in the Netherlands for 2 years now, I thought this subject was already closed but this year AGAIN, they are sending me the bill for 50 euros. And I received emails confirming that I was no longer part of the NS service,
Please, I really don't know what else to do, I do not have my card anymore and I need my subscription cancelled.
Thank you for your time and attention
Ricardo, please send me a private message with your reference number en full name. A private message can be send by clicking on my name and 'Stuur bericht'.
Hello, I am writing again as I have not heard back from a moderator.

I am writing you with a concern about my NS subscription to the 40% reduction card that I made in autumn 2014 as I was studying in the Netherlands. But I am not living there since last August now and my ING bank account which was linked to my card is also closed.
I have received an email about a 90 EUR bill for a card which I have not used even once since last August, when I moved away.

Could you please help me to close the card as I do not have my card anymore, but I would like to end my subscription as soon as possible. As I do not have my card number, I cannot fill in the form to determinate my card...

I am really worried about this as I would have not expected anything to happen if I just have not used my card.

Thank you very much in advance and will be looking forward to your answer.

Hi Kati.

Klaas-Jan asked you (in a different topic) "Hi Kati. Did you block the card already? After that i can cancel your subscription. Please send me a private message with your personal details and if possible cardnumer."

If you do not have the card anymore, please send me a private message by clicking on my name and 'Stuur bericht', with your name, date of birth and Dutch address.
Hi everyone, I want to cancel my inscription for 40% discount at NS (voordeeluren abonnement) and the website says I have to dial tlf 030- 7515155..Nevertheless: am trying to call the number but when I call, a voice says the number is temporarily out of order. ???!!!. Very handy!
Hi Laura,

Please click on my name to send me a private message. Note your personal details, ov-chipcardnumer and date of birth.