• 30 maart 2021
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im currently using the 5€ a month subscription, and I want to change to the 106€ per month one.

So now I have 180€ to pay on the 01-04-2021 as to why I want to change because it’s cheaper for me to go to work everyday.

What I’m wondering is say I change on the 01-04-2021 to the 106€ one, will I pay 180€ plus 106€? Or is there a way to change without paying 286€ on the 01-04-2021? 

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Hi Foxall97. Welcome to the Community.

You can change your product after one month to a different product. 

You'll pay the costs for your travels afterwards and the costs for the season ticket up front. When you change the season ticket we will create a new invoice for the costs of the season ticket within a few days and we will then also withdraw the money from your account.

Hello again.

so I will pay the 106€ straight away when I activate the new subscription and then I can pay the 180€ a week later let’s say? Or can I choose? The idea is not to pay it all together on the 01-04-2021 because I have bills and rent to pay that day and it becomes a lot.

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When you change to Flex Dal Vrij (€106) you pay for the amount until the regular monthly invoice date, minus the amount for the leftover days of your current subscription.

So if your monthly date is the 15th and you switch on the 1st of the month from Dal Voordeel to Dal Vrij, you will get billed about €53 minus the €2,50 left over from the €5 you paid already.

On the regular monthly date, you will get billed €106 for the next full month (e.g. 15 apr - 14 may).

If the €180 are travel costs, they will be billed on your monthly invoice. It's no problem to postpone payment for a week or two (because of insufficient balance on your bank account), you will get reminders without extra cost.


okay so my invoice date is the 03-04-2021 I just checked for the 180€ of travel costs this month with the 5€ month I’ll prospone that and switch to 106€ subscription.

thanykou for you’re help!

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You can switch to the €106 subscription at any time, and will be billed a part of that until the invoice date. If you switch today, that will cost you about €14 for the period until 03-04.

A change of subscription is instant, so if you don’t travel annymore today, switch tomorrow before going to work and save a few euro.

Okay Thankyou very much!


I can’t change subscription because my account has to run a month, when will I know it’s ran for one month? My invoice is the 3-04-2021.

If your invoice is expected on the 3th of April, the subscription probably started on the 3rd of March. Is that correct? In that case, the first option to change is from the 3th of April.

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If you try to change a (paid) NS Flex subscription within the first month after the previous change, the website will tell you the first possible date in a pop-up window.

The ‘change button’ will be shown in grey then. Click the :grey_question: for info.