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  • 12 November 2014
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I left the Netherlands about a year ago, and I distinctly remember canceling my 40% discount because I returned to my home country. Throughout the past year, I've had two business trips to the Netherlands and continued using my OV. I figured I still had the discount because I paid for this year before leaving, however now that I'm not residing there anymore I got surprised by a 90E charge that was forwarded to me by a debt collector. I received no notification from NS that I still had the discount, or even that the payment did not go through. I do not wish to have the discount anymore, and I don't understand what happened. Is there anything that can be done regarding this? 😞

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It looks like you failed to remove your subscription from your OV-chipcard at a ticket vending machine after ending it. That means the subscription automatically continues. Did you inform NS about your new address? - Otherwise it is logical that they send the bill to your old address.

You will probably have to pay this and you need to end your subscription, either by contacting NS and then remove the subscription from your OV-chipcard at a ticket vending machine, or by blocking your OV-chipcard at (which makes it permanently unusable) and contact NS after 5 working days to end you subscription. The latter possibility doesn't require a trip to the ticket vending machine.
Emilio, welcome to the NS forum. You called our customer service to terminate your subscription? Please send my your personal data + OV-chipcardnumber through a private message. You send a private message by clicking on my name and then choose ' bericht sturen'.
You send a private message by clicking on my name and then choose ' bericht sturen'.

The button actually says 'stuur bericht' instead of 'bericht sturen'. (For someone who doesn't speak Dutch, that might not be obvious.)
Thank you for taking the feedback seriously by including instructions for sending private messages.

Please a need help urgently!

I made payment for my suscription but I still received emai that say I should do it. I put to NS Group instead NS Groep inzake NS Reizigers then I don’t know if the payment was good.

somebody can help me???

what can I do? This need to be ready before on December 30th.

Hi Vane1304! Welcome to the NS Community.

Please contact our Customer Support and they'll look into the issue for you. You can find our contact options on this website.