How to cancel your subscription from abroad

  • 2 september 2015
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Sorry but I think I cannot use my phone for one month after I leave the Netherlands. Can I remove my subscription with only twitter ? Twitter(@NS_online) said that I needed to follow those steps above.
So you already had contact with my colleagues on Twitter? After you blocked the OV-chipcard you can terminate the actual subsciption on the OV-chipcard through many ways, but by telephone or Twitter are the fastest ways. Here you will find an overview of ways to contact our customer service.
Are these terms of cancellation valid also for the first year subscription?
Are these terms of cancellation valid also for the first year subscription?

You can't end a continuous subscription earlier than after one full year.
even if I relocate to another Country for job reason?
even if I relocate to another Country for job reason?

Sometimes we make an exception in cases like that
even if I relocate to another Country for job reason?

The many other people who don't know whether they will work on some location for at least a year, have to keep on buying monthly subscriptions that are more expensive and cumbersome. It wouldn't be fair to them if others are allowed to end their subscription early, while benefiting from lower costs in case they do complete the year.
Absolutely true Pe_pe. That is why we sometimes make an exception and not most of the time. Every case is different and we will examine every case separately.
Hi NS,

I am in the exact same situation. I was in Holland for studying and I got backhome for good.

I got trouble to cancel my subscription and I really want to finish this asap. I contacted NS to cancel my subscription few months before I got backhome. I was assured it's so easy, just make a phone call and that's it. I did so and they asked me to block the card by NS machine and send back the card. It's ridiculous because it's too late, I got backhome to Indonesia for good.

I called several times but I got same answer to block my card. I sent several emails asking favor to cancel my card before next subscription. But the response was too late. I was so disappointed. They were not really helpful.

And no clue, i got email from syncasso asking 90 euros within 5 days (2/3 days from now) otherwise they will bring this case to court? (if google translator is right)

Would you please help me resolve this issue? Thanks in advance..
You really have to cancel your card first (via Twitter @OVchipkaart) and after that is done we can cancel your subscription.
Dear Klaas-Jan, Thanks for your prompt response. I already blocked via twitter yesterday. NS told I need to wait 5 days but it's too late for syncasso. Hopefully they can help me to cancel my subscription soon.
Even if you end your subscription soon, you need to pay Syncasso. You'd better do so before they rise the costs again.
Hi Pe_pe, thanks for your information.

I tried several times to contact them before the deadline. I sent them emails and it took time. They knew the deadline approached but I did not get clear response.
I didn't use the card almost a year, i tried to contact them but no clear response, I sent back the card but no success.. can they re-consider again for syncasso?

thanks Pe_pe..
can they re-consider again for syncasso?

No, but probably i can get you a (partial) refund for your subscription.
You can send me a private message with all the details.
Dear Klaas-Jan NS,

Thank you for your prompt response. Talk soon via private message. Really appreciate this!
Dear NS:
I am not sure whether I should feel glad to know a lot of people are suffering the same issue, but it is certainly a great relief to know help from NS is available.

Regretfully I didn’t pay full attention to the warning e-mails, only with a mild response through an e-mail on the NS website, but to no avail. Now the problem has since escalated, and I believe I am in the same situation as user 3389190: a 90 euros invoice from syncasso within 5 days.

If I understand correctly, I first need to cancel my OV-chipkaart before cancelling the subscription. In a panic, I have used the self service on the ov-chipkaart website ( and posted the card to the customer service in Amersfoort this morning, which hopefully should arrive in a week from Asia.

However, I am a bit confused with what to do in follow and any clarification with be truly appreciated:
1) First of all, I assume I have to clear the fine from Syncasso (90 euros) within this five days, before it exponentially get worse. (which I am checking with my bank to see whether international transfer is available)
2) Wait for the e-mail confirmation from the OV-chipkaart customer service (in a week), then try to cancel the NS subscription through another twitter

Sorry for the inconveniences
Good Morning:

I cancelled my subscription last year, I sent my card via mail and had to pay 90 euros because they wouldn't let me cancel my subscription online, even tough I haven't lived in the Netherlands for 2 years now, I thought this subject was already closed but this year AGAIN, they are sending me the bill for 50 euros. And I received emails confirming that I was no longer part of the NS service,
Please, I really don't know what else to do, I do not have my card anymore and I need my subscription cancelled.
Thank you for your time and attention

I'm facing the same issue as others i.e. not in the Netherlands anymore, but have received the infamous €9O email because the subscription had been automatically renewed etc.

I had blocked my OV-Chipkaart as was advised here earlier, now could anyone here possibly assist me with terminating the subscription?

Thank you
@WA: the card is cancelled and your contract was already terminated on January 14. No further steps are needed. If you have further questions, please contact me per private message by clicking on my name and 'stuur bericht'.

@Ricardo: could you give me the reference number?

@Madman: the same as Ricardo: please give me the reference number of the contract.
Thanks a lot!!!

You managed to get rid of my problem, that was very helpful!!

I would like to terminate the subscription I have on my card (40% discount ) that expires on May 25th. Could you kindly help me with this? My contract number is 13386035. I can also provide the card number if requested. I really do not know how to solve this.

Thank you in advance,
Hi Alina,

Can you send me a private message with your cardnumber and your personal details (name, IBAN etc.)? I will have a look.

I am writing you with a concern about my NS subscription to the 40% reduction card that I made in autumn 2014 as I was studying in the Netherlands. But I am not living there since last August now and my ING bank account which was linked to my card is also closed.

I have received an email about a 90 EUR bill for a card which I have not used even once since last August, when I moved away.

Could you please help me to close the card as I am not entirely sure if I have my card anymore, but I would like to end my subscription as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance!
Hi Kati. Did you block the card already? After that i can cancel your subscription. Please send me a private message with your personal details and if possible cardnumer.
Hi Kati. Did you block the card already? After that i can cancel your subscription. Please send me a private message with your personal details and if possible cardnumer.

I am having a similar situation. I already sent you a private message, please help cancelling everything. I really do not want any emails charging me anymore. I have left the countries for 2 years already. Thanks.