"Hulp bij het kiezen" with ERRORS?

  • 17 December 2021
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Dears Sir or Madam,

I’m writting to inform and to check if someone did realize the same:

Today I tried the tool “ Hulp bij het kiezen” to check if from 1st of January, when the Altijd Vrij + BTM Vrij Particulier will finish, I should change the abonment. I tried with the option to analyze my usage from last month. The result was that I should change to Dal Vrij, as the cost of the Dal Vrij + the journeys I should pay in “spits” it was minor than the Altijd Vrij abonment (see image below). Firstly it was a great sorprise and I was going to change my abonment but then I realized that the number of “spits” journeys was quite low. I donwloaded the information of November and then realized that it was calculated the other way around! Journeys in dal as spits and viceversa. I do not know if it was something specific for my account or not, but it could lead to an important mistake!




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Do you mean the tool counts your ‘spits’ journeys as off-peak (daluren) and the other way around? That is a big mistake. Glad you noticed.

Please note that the time of check-in determines the rate (spits/dal), so when you start traveling before 06:30 or 16:05 it counts as off-peak. Same for after 08:55 and 18:25.

If you mostly travel a fixed route less than 80 km one-way, you could also have a look at Traject Vrij.