I don't want to prolong my annual subscription (Dal Vrij)

  • 5 september 2014
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Dear NS customer service department. My Dal Vrij abonnement is gonna be expired on 27 September 2014. I got the message that i need to contact Customer Service department. So i don't want to prolong my abonnement after 27 September. my ov-card number is 3528023429012544) Name: Narmin Surname:Gasimova

Waiting for response
thank you beforehand))

2 reacties

Most people on this forum are not actually working for NS, so that you know. Nor am I. To contact customer service, you best call 030-7515155. As you can see if you use the search option on this forum, many people ask the same question so it has been answered already several times. Keep in mind that after you requested cancellation from customer service, you will also need to remove the subscription product from your OV-Chipcard at an NS vending machine or you will still be charged!
Narmin sent me a private message. I will continue to help him in private.