Incorrect bank account number? + changing of bank details?

  • 29 October 2014
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I got a bill the other day saying that I need to extend my OV chipkaart account for one more year and pay 50 euros. Since I no longer live in the Netherlands I would like to end my account. This could not be done until a month after, meaning that I still need to pay the 4.25 for one month. I called the customer service that told me this could only be done in one way: first of all I need to pay the bill of 50 euros and secondly then the 45.75 is going to be transferred back to me.

So, I started off by trying to pay the bill. However, there seems to be something wrong with the bank account number I am supposed to transfer the money to, NL03 ZZZ 30124358 0000. Is this really the correct number? Since I'm paying from a foreign bank I also need to have a BIC number, this is not provided in my bill.

My second problem is that I need to give you the information about the bank account that my money, the 45.75 is going to be transferred to. Since I ended my dutch bank account I will have to use a friend's bank account. Though, I can't find anywhere in my profile where to change this information, how do I do it?

Would be super grateful for your reply!

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I can't help you with the bank-related questions, but I'd like to warn you that upon ending your subscription, you must physically remove your subscription from your OV-chipcard at a ticket vending machine, otherwise it will still not be ended.
Well the card is blocked and the customer service said they made it end at the 16th of november (that also says on the webpage) so that part should be fine. Thank you anyways.
He Edafgard, welcome to the NS forum. Please send me a private message with your personal data and your OV-chipcardnumber. It's okay if you card is blocked. I've moved your question to the topic 'abonnementen'