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  • 8 August 2021
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I just received an invoice which is 49 euro could you explain why i have to pay this number although i paid 25 for the subscription of weekend free and my expenses were arround 25 . Plus i have chatted once with one of your colleagues about cancellation my subscription and he said that he can’t because it’s monthly subscription and many times i have had the same thing but your colleague was called Thijs said that he couldn’t cancel my subscription.  In addition now on mijn Ns there’s a new invoice about 21 euros so why is that as well??? 

2 reacties

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Contact Customer Service. again. Not paying because you do disagree may be not very wise, as your subscription will be canceled, you cannot get a new one within the next six months, and the collector adds 40 euros to your bill.

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The €25 (Flex) Weekend Free is not a montly subscription, but continues monthly until you change or cancel it.

Changes can be made instantly at any day after the first month, via Mijn NS.

Cancelling the subscription altogether can be done through NS Customer Service (phone, chat, Twitter or Facebook). After that, you need to remove it from your card at a machine (station, supermarket, etc.).

The 49 euro is probably your expenses plus 25 euro for the next month, subscription costs are paid in advance. If you change the subscription, you be bill reimbursed after a week or so.