My payment to you was lost - paying 40% card from abroad

  • 25 April 2017
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Hi. I had called your hotline how to pay from abroad and they told me to check here in the Forum. I did, I found your IBAN number and I sent you the 50 Euro for the renewal of my 40% card as I cannot use my Dutch friends account anymore. The payment is already done around 2 weeks ago but the hotline talked to finance and they said they can't find my payment, my card renewal is not yet paid and my friends account will anyway be charged automatically. I was told to fill out a contact form, and that this is the only way to get my money applied or to get my money back, that he can do nothing. The advice however was really stupid because the contact form only works with a Dutch address, so it was really stupid advice from Mr Van der Molen who was the agent I spoke with. Now I am worried about getting my 50 Euro applied, the other account not being charged a second time and how to fix this mess. Thanks.

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Hello f4free and welcome to the NS Serviceforum.

Unfortunate to hear that our colleagues at the customer service could not resolve the issue for you. To summarize: you have a contract (DalVoordeel) and you want to pay it from abroad. My colleague told you to look on the forum, and you found the IBAN-bankaccount number and transferred the money to us. Did you leave any additional information with your payment, since we always require you to add your contactnumber (klantnummer) to know what the 50 euros is for. If you didn't do this, the amount will be sent back as soon as possible, since we do not recognize the payment.

Also, can you link me the page where you found the IBAN-bankaccount number? Maybe we need to update the information, if it seemed unclear to you.