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  • 20 July 2021
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Hi everyone !

I have a query regarding which subscription would be most suitable. I will be travelling 5 days a week, where I will need to use both train and bus. As per the information I searched, the NS Altijd Vrij does not include bus rides. But I do not get any option to add a suplement for bus separately. Therefore, I was wondering if someone could guide me which option would be the best way to go forward.

Thanks in advance.



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Hi sanjayv99. Welcome to the Community.

Have you tried our selection guide yet? When you apply for an NS Flex subscription you can contact our Customer Service to remove the bus/tram/metro function of NS Flex. When you have done that you can also place a subscription for the use of the bus on your card. The bus subscription can be applied for at the bus company :grin: .

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FLEX as such does NOT allow any other fare-paying for bustram as per ride-as on the old chipcard with money loaded.

It IS possible to ask NS to '’turn off'’ the BusTram side-in that case you need a 2nd chipcard (also personal! if you want a season) for Bustram. It really all depends on how far/how much/which company etc you need the bus what is the best solution for that. Give more details if you want better advice! it may very well be possible that such a season is a waste of money in your situation.

In the good old past it used to be possible to have another classic type of season without the '’advantages;; claimed to be so good for FLEX and have for a fairly small sum use of bustram added to train-this was called OV=OpenBaar Vervoer=public transport. I'’ll have to look myself what the current situation is for that-but at least the MINImum 1 year had to be paid/used. others will certainly chip in on that.

Thanks a lot for quick reply. I need to travel from Delft to Almere Buiten train station. And then take bus for Almere Buiten, Damsluisweg ( Bus 22 towards De vaart). I think the bus operators are allgo and syntus, if I am not mistaken.

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An AllGo subscription for buses in Almere should work well with NS Flex on the same card.