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  • 14 november 2020
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Hi there, I’ve recently been brought to my attention that I owe 89€ for my NS and multiple charges of me not checking out are on there, however that is physically impossible because the places that I go to have no other option but to check out while you’re getting off the train. I have a monthly payment pass and that it’s charging me nearly 100€ is ridiculous, they wait until mid November to bring charges of October. This is ridiculous, I’m from Canada and the amount I need to pay is not reasonable, I have 3 additional charges of things that are physically not possible of doing, I always make sure I check out or else I cannot get through the gate. I would appreciate if these charges would be taken off. 



1 reactie

Good afternoon Naomivmierlo and welcome to the NS Community!

I'm sorry to read that you've received an invoice with transactions that you can't explain or seem incorrect to you. You can contact our Customer Service to have my colleagues take a look at the invoice and correct the wrong transactions if necessary. You can reach us via Twitter, Facebook, by starting a Chat conversation (via the option ‘Chat with NS’) or by phone (030-7515155).