NS Flex Weekend Vrij

  • 3 June 2022
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Good afternoon! Please sort out the invoice generated by NS for me for May. I have connected the NS Flex Weekend Vrij Subscription on 05/26/2022 and I have a postpaid system. 03.06.2022 I received an invoice for payment in the amount of €58.15. Do I understand correctly that I have to pay for the period from May 26 to May 31 the full cost of the subscription?! Is that right? In addition, since I have activated the Subscription on the 26th, is the payment date due to change on the 26th of each month? I ask you to check the charges to my address and recalculate the cost of the Subscription based on the number of days from the connection segment.

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You only pay for six days in May, the system is not based on calendar months. Note however that subscriptions within Flex (like WeekendVrij) are always prepaid and only the variable travel costs are postpaid. 

The monthly invoice date is the day of the month you started with Flex, not on the day you started WeekendVrij.