NS is shit

  • 10 augustus 2019
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It I has been a couple of days lately that NS is consistently late, late trains, I would like a full refund. The customer service also never picks up any phone calls, nobody is ever able to reply to queries or problems. I feel that for a 200€ abonnement et we month the least you can expect is an on time train... this is the worst service I have ever experienced.

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If your delay is 30 minutes or more you can ask for a refund for the cost of your journey. Depending on the delay this can be the full fare of only half.
See https://www.ns.nl/en/customer-service/refunds/refunds-for-delays-on-a-domestic-route.html
Good afternoon Constancer3 and welcome to the NS Community!

I'm sorry to read that you've expecienced so much delays recently. As Momo has already mentioned, you can request a refund when you've experienced a delay of 30 minutes or more.

As for your issues with contacting our Customer Service, I'm not sure why you're having these. We're available 24/7 via telephone, Facebook and Twitter and during the day you can also reach us via a chat conversation. Even though it's been busy at times recently, which can result in a longer response time than usual, we're still available. You can find all contact options here.