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  • 4 februari 2020
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I just received this afternoon from NS a bill to pay € 178,00 . I started my subscription last Saturday 01-02-20 . I traveled with NS from Amsterdam Leylaan - Schiphol and vice versa . I don’t understand what is going on . I called twice NSflex customer service and they could not help me and inform me what’s happened . I received this invoice number : 4100001169404 . The invoice showed the date 06-01-20 . This is weird because I started on 01-02-20 . Could someone look into this . 

Would be happy to hear from you soon 

4 reacties

I didn't receive a message from Jorgdes1. I hope that's his problem is solved and otherwise he still may send me a private message.

this invoice already looked so familiar to me. I will figure this out for you. You may send me a personal message with your Dutch zip code, house number, date of birth and email address. You can send me a personal message if you click on my name and click stuur privébericht.

That invoice looks like an ‘example’ invoice used to explain the different parts on the invoice. This should not be your invoice!.

See also: https://www.ns.nl/binaries/_ht_1578320810960/content/assets/ns-nl/overig/ns-factuur-uitleg.pdf

Not sure how you got this invoice, maybe Erryt could have a look at that.

Hello Jorgdes1, welcome at our community,


The date 06.02.2020 is the date that we created your invoivce. You can see under the heading "toelichting' - explanation’ that your subscription runs from 03-02-2019 till 02-03-2019. I think this is a mistake since we're living in 2020. This should probably be 03-02-2020 till 02-03-2020.