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  • 13 June 2021
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I would like to buy NS Flex abonnement (5 EUR/month).

But unfortunately I don't have any OV-chipkaart yet.

E-shop offers me sending by post within 1 week, but I want to buy it today and use it immediately. 

Is it possible to buy the card and also the abonnement personally at the cash desk or in NS-automat? 

It is very unpractical, DB, ÖBB or ČD (foreign railway companies) have their customer cards online in mobile app and you don't need to wait for an plastical card…


Btw in My NS account is not possible to fill in an abroad-post adress... if you write for example an adress in Prague, website writes you that post-code is incorrect and you can't go further...


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No, and this is why: a Personal chipcard is needed for any type of long-term season and this has your foto+name on it and thus has to be made individually and this can only be done (here in NL, in other countries they have more client-friendly systems) at the central office of OV-chip. You also need a dutch bank-account to smoothen the process-another stumblebock for many expats-and NO a creditcard will not do for that.

(In fact any IBAN from the EU is acceptable, but non-dutch only via personal contacting the service centre).

I somehow recall there is some system that other paid for tickets whilst awaiting the card can be reimbursed-but again only the service centre can tell you. At least theyre open 24/7 again