Traject Vrij: nieuw NS-abonnement i.p.v. Maandtrajectabonnement

  • 10 augustus 2014
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Hi, I hope someone can help me!! I want to buy this new months ticketing, beginning tomorrow. But I cannot pay it, because I don't have Dutch bank account. How can I pay with credit card?

Beste antwoord door Pe_pe 10 augustus 2014, 12:54

Unfortunately that is not possible.
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Unfortunately that is not possible.
Hi D.A.N.I. welcome to the NS forum. Unfortunately it's only possible to buy a subscription with a Dutch bank account. But for now, you can buy a 'eenmalige Chipkaart' at our ticket machine. Kind regards, Leny
Ps: I moved your question to the topic 'abonnementen'.

Paying with a credit card at a ticket vending machine is only possible on stations marked green in this pdf. If your intention was to buy a Traject Vrij subscription for a month, I think the best alternative solution for you would be to use a plastic reusable OV-chipcard (you can buy an anonymous OV-chipcard from the ticket vending machine if you don't already have one), instead of buying an 'eenmalige Chipkaart' every day.
Telling someone who wants to buy a subscription that he/she can use disposable chipcards is just ridiculous. Obviously, this person is about to use the train pretty often. Buying disposable chipcards every day will then be a *VERY* costly option.
Acceptable alternatives would be getting a personal OV-Chipcard and buy Always Discount at the NS vending machine. Much cheaper than buying disposable chipcards every day. On the other hand, you might think about opening a bank account. 😛