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  • 22 augustus 2019
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I have an OV Chipkart, I need a susbscription to travel free throughout netherlands irrespective of Bus, Train, Tram and Metro. Kindly suggest a suitable option for me.

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Hello ruchitomar and welcome at our community,

Thanks for the answer Robert. I hope this will help you with finding the right subscription.
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There is only one viable option for that, and it's Called OV Vrij. This consists of Altijd Vrij (train) with a BTM (bus/tram/metro) supplement.

It's costly (€346 per month for train, plus €58,70 for unlimited BTM). See here.

Beware that the package OV Vrij is only available with a yearly subscription, although there are ways/tricks to cancel it within the first year.

If you only need BTM for a certain region, local/regional companies have much cheaper options, and you can purchase NS Flex Altijd Vrij for train, wich can be stopped any day after the first month.

See and take your pick. If you only travel outside peak hours (6:30-9:00 and 16:00-18:30 on weekdays), Dal Vrij is a good option.

All of the above for consumers. Business Card holders have other options.