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  • 2 april 2021
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Good morning , This morning I have received an email with my 'factuur' But what I do not understand is that I pay for weekend vrij . The factuur says that I have to pay more but I only travelled on the times that I get free . 

Could you please help me ?? 


2 reacties

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Do have a look at Mijn NS. Bills are shown in ‘Facturen’. Otherwise contact Customer Service.


Did you check in at the right time? Did you travel by bus, tram or metro? They are not free.

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Indeed-with a little logical thinking and reading this would also be clear; The TIME you check IN determines the fare charged-or if you travel ´free´=included/prepaid. Noone in the electronic world can see which train you actually used. This is also the most common mistake that newby travellers make.In the past-and still onm some types of season ticket-one can see what fare is charged when you check in on the display. Otherwise-but only 1-2 days later, one can also see it on their online personal account-activate this if you have not yet done so.