Voordeelabonnement 2e klas

  • 16 January 2017
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Dear Sir/Madam

I would like to ask for your assistance regarding my voordeelabonnement 2e klas ov chipkaart (cardnumber removed due to privacy issues). I have recieved a bill to pay for the abonement and now I also have a letter from an incasso agency seeking payment. I'm writing to inform you that I no longer reside in The Netherlands, I signed out in June 2016. Could you please advise me on how to proceed with this matter as I have no further use for this abonnement.

Kind regards
Ian McEwan

Beste antwoord door Miriam NS 16 January 2017, 20:44

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Dear Ian McEwan, welcome to our Serviceforum.
I'm sorry read that you have some problems with you subscription. When you leave the Netherlands it is important that you cancel the subscription and remove this from your card. If you don't do this it can lead to difficulties. To solve this issue i advise you to read this topic: Here you can read the steps you need to take to cancel the subscription. If you have any questions after reading the topic, please let us know. Good luck!