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  • 30 april 2021
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Hello, I’m facing a very unfair and unfortunate situation:

I took the train from Eindhoven to Groningen this 23rd of April, having subscribed to NS Weekend Free.

Unfortunately, I’ve been told the subscription started from 6:00pm on Friday, but it really starts at 6:30pm.

I checked in a 6:10pm and took my train at 6:18pm.

Few hours later, I’m in Groningen with a 27,40 euros bill.


What is unfair to me is that I paid that on top of my subscription. I would agree to pay the first part of the trip (Eindhoven 6:18pm - 's-Hertogenbosch 6:36pm), as the rest would be normally covered by the subscription.


I understand the “system works like this”, but I just ask for a fair thing, it’s unfair that I have to pay 2 times for a part of the trip.


I hope you understand my point of view, I don’t think I’m asking for something unreasonable.


Thank you for reading me, if you’ve been / are in the same situation, feel free to comment too.

Hope you have a nice day.






5 reacties

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Welcome to the NS Community!

This is infortunate indeed, and may seem unfair but the system works both ways.

This means a trip that starts in off-peak hours can continue in peak hours, including transfers with less than 35 minutes between check-out and subsequent check-in.

For Weekend Vrij to be valid on Fridays, you can check in from 6:25pm (provided you did not travel by train less than 35 minutes ago), so checking out and back in at ‘s-Hertogenbosch would not have worked either.

In cases such as this, it's best to buy a separate full-fare (e)ticket from Eindhoven to Den Bosch and check in with your ov-chipcard there.

Feel free to contact NS Customer Service (phone, chat, Twitter or Facebook) to see if any considerateness (coulance) is possible.

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See above.

That is what’s weird, if there’s such a work around, why not make it this way?

“In cases such as this, it's best to buy a separate full-fare (e)ticket from Eindhoven to Den Bosch and check in with your ov-chipcard there.”

I’d be okay to pay that and there is a way to do this, that’s why paying a full trip feels like a scam.


Thanks for the informations!


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Thats-just 1-of the many limitations modern techn. put on us.

BTW-FYO; that so often so cherished London Oystercard-or for that matter the Melbourne/OZ MyKE or whatever all work the very same way and even more disadvantageous to the passenger if they make just 1 tiny mistake. The whole system has been put up in such a way that the company always wins and you loose.

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I agree that the difference between € 7,00 for a ticket from Eindhoven to ‘s-Hertogenbosch and the € 27,50 you paid now seems totally unfair but this is how the ov-chipcard system (and subscriptions) work.

Your assumption (I was told…) that Weekend Vrij would be valid from 6:00pm is based on misinformation. Hard to prove that NS personnel told you that, you would need written proof/information for that.