why have I been charged €40 for Jlanten service

  • 7 September 2021
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I have recently activated my NS flex and made a few trips with it. I then went onto the NS app to check how much it cost and found that I also had a €40 charge for "Klanten service". I am very confused about why I have this charge. Please advise 


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I would advise you to contact our customer service. Than a colleague of mine can look into the situation with you.

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Is the amount shown with a minus sign in front of it? Then you are not being charged, but reimbursed: it’s the credit that was on the card when you activated NS Flex and will pe paid out to you on the next invoice.

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40 eur is 2x20 and this is the amount that is charged is you NOT have properly checked OUT. OR if you maybe changed train-companies on the way, did not properly check OUT on 1 and IN on 2. You probably yourself knows best if this was the case-or maybe this is completely new to you.

40 eur is also the charge if you did not pay properly on time as first ´´fine´ but this is levied by an encashment agency then after at least 2 warnings.

But generally this is labelled different. so I am also flabbergasted-but NS is also famous for many glitches and ununderstandable hitches in its IT-systems