Clarifiations about the groupsretour ticket

  • 23 oktober 2014
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Thus, when buying a ticket Amsterdam - Groningen and traveling from Groningen to Amsterdam only, as is the case in the opening post, the conductor is not supposed to kick you out of the train to buy a new ticket.

The possibility of making a third, fourth of even tenth trip is just a property of home print tickets and can't be prevented by putting a stamp on it, that's just a waste of ink. When you travel back to Groningen in the evening you simply print out the ticket twice or more if you want to travel back and forth the whole day. To prevent this NS should finally start registering barcodes to devaluate e-tickets.

Also, I would like to know if AvReferee can expect a refund of his/her newly bought ticket and a compensation for the delay he/she probably has experienced. (Only if more than 30 minutes of course, according to GTBV-guidelines.)

My train leaves Schiphol at 11:49 PM on the 14th of April and will arrive in Groningen at around 02:55 AM on the 15th of April. Which day should I buy my group return ticket for?

Shant Bayramian
I am going from Groningen to Den Haag this Friday with a group return ticket which indicates that I am going from Den Haag to Groningen. I am planning to take the train which departs from Groningen at 9:48AM. Will I have any troubles with the conductor?
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He will not believe you, but accept it. You cannot go back to The Hague, your ticket will be scanned.

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