Has Bakker Bart deal changed?

  • 25 September 2021
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Hi. I would like to know if the deal has changed or the shop staff just made a mistake.

(Sorry that I only can contact you in English)

This is the sandwich I got from Bakker Bart with the voucher. No vegetables. Only bread and kip fillet. I think this is different from the picture advertised on NS winkel.


Also the last time I used the same deal, it was 2 years ago though, they let us choose from usual menu. But this time, there were only cheaper options.

I would like to have right information and consider if I should use this offer (Bakker Bart) again.....


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Hi Small Bever,

You're right. Your photo differs with the picture at The deal offers you a 'Bartje’ sandwich and a juice, but there is no information about what you can get. Maybe the reason that you don't have vegetables is that you don't have ordered them.

At the NS-website, there are no terms for which sandwich you can get. I also don't have information about that. Maybe you can ask it in the Bakker Bart Shop, they should know what you can get there. 


I hope that you had a delicious sandwich and a good journey! (Excuses for spelling mistakes, I'm not really good in English ;)


Hi Small bever and welcome to our Community. 

This is the translation that is on the site you linked: “For a nice lunch you can visit Bakker Bart on the Hinthamerstraat. With the voucher of this offer you will be spoiled with a delicious filled Bartje and smoothie juice (250 ml) of your choice.”

I agree with you: this isn't a “delicious filled Bartje”. Did you choose to have a sandwich without vegetables? 

Hi, Treinspotter Ruben. Hi, Rizana NS.

Thank you for your responses.

I didn't order vegetables but I also didn't order "without" vegetables.

I tried to order from normal sandwich menu on the screen but then the shop staff showed me different menu (photo). 

I asked her if the deal has changed. She answered "I don't know." It seemed that she was just doing what she was taught.

I chose "kipfilet" from the menu. She asked me if I want butter though she didn't mention about vegetables.

My previous experience, 2years ago though, was great (I found the photo!). What I got then was true "nice sandwich". It was delicious! I liked it. I really recommend it to anyone!

But this time....  I would like to believe this was just a mistake...😭

p.s smoothie juice (250 ml) was nice!

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Your mileage may vary. Welcome to e.g. (very recent photo) Nijmegen and take your loss for no veggies on the kip/chicken/turkey sandwich you wanted/ordered.

Useless info: ‘De eerste winkel van Bakker Bart werd in 1977 in Nijmegen geopend door bakker Bart van Elsland’.

That sandwich from 2 years ago surely looks better! Thanks for sharing the photo (I had a similar ticket and got any sandwich of choice a few years ago).

Forget any reimbusements by NS though, for getting less than promised via some Bakker Bart voucher.