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  • 12 February 2014
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Finally a contact method that doesn't cost me a bunch of money. So far NS was the only company still existing without an online contact method. E-mail would have done, but I suppose this is the next best thing. I wanted to contact NS a few years ago to inform about the outdated information on the English-language website (mostly about tickets which were already abolished for years, such as weekend returns), but I see that's recently been fixed.

4 reacties

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In fact NS is very active on Twitter (they even organize tweetups for active Twitter followers). Most of the time you get a reply within 15 minutes. Emails can only be sent via the Dutch site (https://www.ns.nl/virtuele-assistent/virtuele-assistent/?hint=contactopnemen&delay=false) which, in my opinion, should also become available in the English site.

Welcome on our NS Serviceforum,

On this NS Serviceforum you can ask questions or find information about NS. You can also contact us by Twitter and by Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/nederlandsespoorwegen). Thank you tomgreep for your feedback about Eva (our virtual assistant).

Have a nice time on the NS Serviceforum!

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So when will Eva learn English?
So when will Eva learn English?
Remarkable, I just tried out Eva to inform NS about my new address. Apparently "she" understands English, as she perfectly understood everything I typed (in English), but she replied in Dutch. :?