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  • 30 september 2016
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I apologize first and foremost for writing in English as a lot of companies (including the NS) have told me that since I am in the Netherlands I should learn Dutch. Anyways, I am writing this to complain about the NS Customer Service. I'm not trying to get anything from this, I'm just merely suggesting to the NS that you need to really make sure the people working at your customer support handle the customers with a more friendly attitude.

I try to be nice during phone calls with the support, but sometimes they just make it really hard. I've been in contact with the NS customer service for a while now, each time for different reasons, but the customer service rarely ever puts on a friendly tone. If I'm calling to complain, I'd rather much have a friendly customer support staff helping me, because to be frank, the rude ones just manage to piss me off even more. If you're nice and act like you're trying to help me, it will probably diffuse the situation and I would be much calmer on the phone. Heck, I'd even forget what I was mad for in the first place.

Again, I'm not writing this because I have a specific event to complain about, just I hope that the NS decides to train their customer service to be nicer and handle the annoying customers (like me) with more patience and courtesy.

Thank you for reading my mini complaint! I really hope the NS works on this! Have a nice day!

3 reacties

Good morning Shirley, and welcome!

First of all I am sorry to hear that you have been told to speak Dutch, because of the fact that you are staying in the Netherlands. Our language is not that easy to learn (even for us!), so I don't think that it's a fair demand.

Our employees speak English, and should therefore be able to help you.

Could you perhaps be more specific? Was this only during calls? And if so, could you perhaps give me the date and time of your conversation? I will make sure your complaint will go to the department that handles these calls. As mentioned, whether you speak English or Dutch, our Customer Service should be of assistence any time.

And a nice day to you too! 🙂
The speaking Dutch thing was because I keep receiving emails in Dutch, and whenever I call to ask what it means and that I don't speak Dutch they just tell me "Well, since you're in the Netherlands, you get mail in Dutch. It's not our problem."

They do help me in english, and it's not really about the language, but about the way they handle the customers sometimes. I had one lady once that kept talking over me saying "I no can help you ma'am" over and over again instead of just saying "Alright, we'll make sure your complaint gets handled".

The calls I've made are over the span of the year I've been here, and most of these calls get handled very rudely. Just today I made a call to the NS and the response I've received wasn't the nicest, but she wasn't super rude like some other phone calls were. I just wish the support could handle us with a nicer, friendlier attitude. The call I made was around 10:00 today, but there are many others I can't remember.

Thank you so much for your super quick response! See, this is the kind of friendly attitude I hope customer support would have! 🙂
Well, I don't find that very customer friendly. My apologies for this reaction.

If you encounter another rude (or unfriendly) conversation with one of my colleagues, please feel free to send me a message via I will make sure your complaint will be received by the right people.

And good to hear, Shirley 🙂.