Denied a refund after phone contact, looking for help here.

  • 7 november 2016
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Hi NS team,
Last time I needed help I was assisted by Klaas-Jan, it was really nice service so I'm coming back to you for assistance.

Last time I was at Lelylaan a few days ago I had the following issue:

I went to the machine to add extra credit to my card for a quick train ride from Lelylaan to Schiphol to pick my fiancee.
I had just under 20 euros saldo, meaning I had to charge some money to get in the train.
the machine on my end of the station didn't recognize my card at all, seemed to be faulty, one of the gates was open and there was a machine immediately inside so I went in to charge 20 euros.
Once I charged 20 euros I checked in from the inside of the station instead of going out the gate, since I thought the system would recognize I didn't check in and would check me in from either side of the gate, however, this failed and my 20 euros got taken out of my account for checking from the inside (I guess this is a measure to discourage people from jumping/skipping gates?)
In any case, I need to go to Schiphol so I charged an additional 20 euros, went out the gate and checked in from the outside this time, instead of the inside like I did first time, and I was able to go through no problem.

I called the customer support to get a refund on the initial 20 euros I lost for the checking inside the station due to the faulty machine, I was told I would get them, but then I got an email from the NS saying I would not.

Could you guys give me a hand to get my refund? Thank you! I can PM you the email if needed. It was an honest mistake triggered by the machine outside the gate not working.

Beste antwoord door Annewil NS 22 november 2016, 21:49

MGX had a refund of €20,00 because of the incorrect check-in and check-out.
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Hi MGX, nice that you came back to the NS Serviceforum to get some help! Sounds like an honest mistake to me so I want to check in the system whether a refund is possible. Could you send me a private message with your initials, last name, date of birth, postal code, house number, chipcard number and IBAN? I will look into it for you.
Hi, thanks for your reply.
I'm sending you my details over private message.
MGX had a refund of €20,00 because of the incorrect check-in and check-out.