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My grandfather, Johannes van Stralen, was a machinist with NS.

He was stationed in Hoorn, Haarlem and Alkmaar

He was born in 1879 and died in 1962

Do you have any records?

When did he start working for NS

Did he start right away as a machinist, and what were the training/educational requirements?

When and why was he stationed in the three different cities

When did he retire?

What were the salaries he earned?


My father, Nicolaas Petrus Gerardus van Stralen

Born in 1915, was a auto mechanic in Alkmaar and worked for ATO and from 1940 on in Utrecht.

In 1942, probably around May, he was “transferred” ( my mothers description) to Germany to work in the war manufacturing industry. My sister told me an aircraft factory, my brother said an engine plant.

Six months later he came back to Utrecht to recuperate from an illness.

He never went back to Germany. He went into hiding.

Is there any official collaboration between ATO/NS to send Dutch individuals to Germany during this time?

Are there any records where my father was send to?

And dates?


My grandmother’s second husband was Piet Barendsen

He worked for NS, probably track maintenance and lived in a small house along the train tracks near Schagen, NH

Any infgormation about him? 



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Hello Jan van Stralen and welcome to the NS Community! What a special history story of your family that you share here. We have an internal platform where I might be able to ask your question, maybe someone can answer some questions or know more about this history. It is not possible from the organization to share information about (former) staff members. But I like to share general information. I will ask your question, when I have a response, I will let you know.

In Genealogy sites it is normal practice to only make information public about people who no longer live.

Is there NO WAY to get information about former employees to surviving family members?

Also I am interested whether there was, and if so in what form, there was cooperation between NS and the German occupiers when it came to the “transfer” of ATO employees to Germany

I received the following info from a colleague.

Until 1920 can be requested via this link.

And here you will find the employee card. 

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ATO=Algemene Transport Onderneming was a BUS company, that only existed before WW2 and was dissolved during that war. It was fully or nearly so owned by NS and also did a lot of small packages transport. It had routes all overt the country, but not comprehensive. In that time motor vehicles were in their infancy and thus quite unreliable, requiring lots of mechanical staff to maintain them. Wages in that time were most likely a little above the general average as it was skilled labour. They must have been lowered a few times in the economic crisis after 1933-they were for each and everyone then.

About how the occupying Germans got their workers for war-time work in that country: better read some historybooks, there are loads of them.