Klacht met abonnement beeindiging

  • 27 augustus 2019
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I recently had a discussion on the Chat to cancel my subscription with NS.

I was informed that I had to cancel it manually before the 10th of September from an NS terminal.
However, I am not able to be in the Netherlands before the 10th. I asked them to change the date to extend it and they told me that was impossible.

Effectively the person cost me a month subscription. They acknowledged the fact and ignored me for 10 minutes. I believe they left the chat open so I would not be able to give them a bad review.

I downloaded the conversation but I am not sure where to forward it in order to report the bad service.
Please let me know how to procceed.

4 reacties

Hello orfeaskar, welcome to the NS Community.

I am sorry that you are having issues with the cancellation of your subscription. It is correct that you do have to confirm this manually and that we are not able to adjust the date by when it has to be done. My colleague could have had multiple chats or consult with someone for a possible solution. Unfortunately there is no English client satisfaction survey. It is only available in Dutch. I could give you that link and take a look at your situation if you want. You can send me a private message and I'll take a look at what I can do for you.
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The only thing that the NS can do is cancel your subscription administratively, including terminating your ov-chipcard altogether.

Your card will be just a useless piece of plastic after that. If that is an option for you to prevent any (extra) costs, go ahead and ask for exactly that.
I am waiting on your reply @orfeaskar 🙂.
I have not received a message from orfeaskar. I do hope the issue has been resolved via one of our other channels.

For anyone who reads along, if it is not possible to confirm a cancellation of a subscription at a ticketmachine or OV-charging point with the OV-chipcard, then it's best to let us know before the cancellation is processed. In that way we can better adjust and help cancel the subscription.