Screwed up Reisplanner extra version 4.4.0

  • 8 juni 2016
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This app for iPhone 6+ updated 6/6/16 is not only awful, but is totally wrong too!

Scheduled trains are missing from the listing on the app, enquiries regarding schedules from point A to B (via Utrecht) fail to show some trains, and some suggested routes even show going to the wrong destination and then back and before going on to the desired destination.

Further, using the mapping function of which th NS is so proud suggests that various trains must be ghost-trains because they do not appear at all...even when searching for a specific train number.

NS, this is not your finest effort. Please fix it immediately with a corrected update. People lik me rely heavily upon this app.

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Hi Bruce and welcome on this forum. Could you please send your feedback also in the app? There is an option for that, so the feedback will go directly to the app-developers.