Complaint - train departs earlier than scheduled time

  • 29 April 2019
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I am really annoyed by some Head condctors, who closes the train door and departs 1 min before the scheduled time. It hapened with me 2nd time today and I ended up reaching my destination 30 min late. Both the times, the head conductor saw me approaching and turned a blind eye, while I was waving them to stop. It cuold have taken me barely 2 seconds to reach the door. Worst is they went before time and I have to end up spending 30 min at the station. What is NS going to do about this?

For 3 weeks when there was construction going at the Leiden station (end of march to mid apr 2019), there was delay almost every day and there was absolutely no compensation from NS for people traveling this route for all the delays and inconvenience caused. This is highly unprofessional, profit dirven service from NS, where service is compromised and payments are deducted in full every month.

Really annoyed with NS and especially those two head conductors.

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Good evening raj mehta. I'm very sorry to read that you missed your transfer, but this will most likely not have been an intentional action by these conductors. To make sure that a train can depart the train station at the scheduled time, they are allowed and will usually initiate the departure process about a half minute before the actual departure time. After they've blown their whistle, which indicates the initiation of this procedure, it's no longer allowed to board the train, mainly for your and other passengers safety. Once started, they're also not able to break off this procedure. It's not unlikely that you arrived just after the whistle was blown and thus weren't able to board anymore.

That said, sadly it still happens sometimes where a train does actually depart before it's supposed to and where it's not related to the departure procedure. If this was the case with your trains, I'd like receive the departure stations and times of either or both trains so I can check this. If it turns out they did in fact depart early, I'll register this so that the supervisors of these conductors get notified. Mistakes can happen, but a train shouldn't depart too early.
While it's very annoying to just miss a train, you can also make sure that you don't push it until the very last minute... Your own time management is equally debit to these kinds of situations as NS's...