giving back the ticket

  • 6 mei 2020
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Hi, actually i have bought 2 tickets from groningen to schiphol for tommorrow 7th of may.

due to corona virus we have drcided to travel with car. My consideration is that if i can sell the tickets back and recieve the money again?

tickets cost 32 euros together. Below i have attached them so its easier to find.

hope to see your feedback soon.




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Hi Hamidtr, welcome to the NS Community. 

Usually, we don't offer refunds to already downloaded e-tickets. Downloaded e-tickets cannot be blocked and we cannot check afterwards if they where used or not. If you purchased these tickets a long time ago, perhaps something might be possible due to the circumstances, but if you purchased these tickets recently, a claim will probably be rejected. For further information, you can contact the customer service by phone, chat, Facebook or Twitter.