Had to request another transport to the airport as my train was canceled half an hour before departure. Can I request a compensation for this?

  • 2 October 2021
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I was on the way to Rotterdam Central to get the 3am Intercity to Schiphol and less than half an hour before departure of the train I got a message (I had registed for this train journey) saying the train had been cancelled as well as the next one. I obviously had to get a car to the airport as I would miss my flight otherwise. I ended up spent the equivalent to about 10 times the cost of the train ticket which caused a huge dent in my monthly budget. I have been told it it possible to request a compensation for this. Is it possible and what would I have to do if so?


Thank you.


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Hi Rita Oliveira and welcome to our community. Unfortunately, if you decide to travel in a different way on your own, this will not be reimbursed. There may be a refund for the ticket you already had. It is best to submit a claim for this via our website, check the conditions.