I bought a ticket on the way to Maastricht the person I supposed to meet told me I must not come

  • 15 August 2018
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My propose to write this message to NS.I was having appointment with someone in Maastricht. When I bought the ticket on the way going.I am in Utrecht he call me and tell me it's not needed to come.So I am asking the balance remain transport in the ticket that I did not use.I have even write a letter with the ticket I posted it to this postbus 2372.3500 GJ Utrecht. With the original ticket.I bought it with my bank account. And I have the copy here with the letter that I wrote.So I am kindly asking for you to look into this situation and return the balance money to me please.This is my bank account number #removed by moderator# my name is Alpha Turay.I am taking the picture of the copy of the ticket to Maastricht. An from Utrecht to Hoofddorp. Thank you

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Only in case you didn''t check-in with your ticket you can ask for refund. Once you have checked in at your departure station no refund is possible anymore because NS can't verify that you indeed cancelled your trip halfway.

Because you travelled in your case from Hoofddorp to Utrecht you have checked in at Hoofddorp and you don't get a refund.
Hi Alpha. Welcome to the Community.

I understand you have only used the ticket Hoofddorp-Maastricht from Hoofddorp to Utrecht and then travelled back from Utrecht to Hoofddorp with a new ticket. You have already send a letter with a request for a refund so you can wait for our reply. Another option is to send your request via Twitter or Facebook (also send the photo you have send here). My colleagues will handle your request and see if you can get a part of the money back.