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  • 11 December 2017
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Dear NS,

I am writing to request a refund of a travel cost for a taxi that I had to take because of cancelled NS bus yesterday. As you know, many routes were cancelled on the 10th of Dec because of heavy snowfall.

My initial travel plan was to get a direct train from Amsterdam to Eindhoven at 22:41-23:58 but it was cancelled.

I had to take next plan at 23:11-1:26 from Ams Central via Utrecht and transfer to snelbus i.p.v. train 980156(NS) to Eindhoven. Unfortunately, I waited for the bus from 23:40 until 00:47 at the bus stop, but a NS staff, Mis. D.F.M ter Horst, announced the bus might be cancelled. So she suggested to all the passengers to take a taxi and then claim invoice to NS later. In case, if you need me to prove her reference, I have some pictures of her and name card that I can submit.

I took a taxi with 5 other passengers to Eindhoven central station and I keep the receipt which is 45 euro.

I request a refund of the taxi fare and please inform me how to submit the taxi receipt. Thank you very much.

Minji Choi

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Hi Minji and welcome on our forum. I'm really sorry for the delays due to the weather conditions. I'm afraid you are not the only one. All requests for a refund will be reviewed separately. Please send this same story via Twitter (DM) or Facebook (Messenger). There a colleagues present that or going through all requests as soon as possible. When you contact them you will have an answer tonight of tomorrow morning. Please also send them you personal details, including IBAN.