bezwaar! how can I make an objection to the fine!

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Dear NS,

Since I am an expat in Netherlands NS abuse this fact many times and got my money unfairly and I never objected until now. Last week on 26th of September I was traveling from Eindhoven to Brugge and on the way back home I got "caught" by the NS workers and get a fine for a travel that I already paid for. I say I paid for because you can find in the attachment I somehow "logged in" in an unknown place which was Roosendal and check out unconsciously and had a balance of -10 euro then in the train NS workers told me that I did not check in and wrote me a fine. This is not fair. you are more than double prize taking from my card and because your check in machines are not working properly and then you are making me pay even a fine. Please correct this problem. I already paid for the fine but I was also travelling with a friend and I both ov-chipkaart for her as well and she got fine as well for the same reason and I will also send you another message because of the transacties as long as I can download from ov-chipkaart webpage.

I know you are a monopole and you feel like you are free to abuse this fact but if it is necessary I will also go to the legal court to fix this because I suffered enough and lost enough money with all the delays and etc with the service of NS and OV chipkaart.

Please reply me soon,
Altug Yavuz

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Thanks PPP this makes more sense with the explanation of check in and out barriers.

HAve a nice day
Roosendaal indeed has barriers, which work different from CICO-poles. The 'inside' of the barriers can only be used for checking out, the 'outside' only for checking in. Trying to check in on the 'inside' of the barriers is a very, very often made mistake. NS should make it much clearer that barriers work different from CICO-poles (which are the "standalone" OV-chipcard readers which can be used for both checking in and out).

It would actually be about time someone would take this to court. As well as the fact that NS fines people who bought a paper ticket but didn't use it to check in and out, which according to NS rules is mandatory. One has paid. It says so on the ticket. The rule must have been invented only for NS to be able to steal more money.

What I can advise you for next time is to buy a ticket in Belgium that covers your route in the Netherlands. With this, you don't need to check in or out. Much more convenient, you can stay in your train.
Dear Ger-Jan,

I dont want to discuss too much things even though I know I am right because for example the NS controllers said it should have been red screen on check-in machine when I did the mistake but it was not, and I did not even check out in roosendal because I did not even go out of the tracks I just use the ones on the tracks.

And the tickets are more expensive than the Belgium that was the reason I wanted to do this way but NS acting like old fashion so there are no more Belgium machines on this side so I forced to buy through this way. And this is not likely anyway but sure next time I will not risk and buy online ticket anyway.

And finally about making discount of 40%! Dear Gert-jan I am a Ph.D. in Natuurkunde and an aerospace engineer so I couldnt manage to apply the 40% and also when I ask the NS ticket office in Amsterdam to apply it for the trip back even the NS worker couldnt manage so maybe the NS just saying that we can do discount but in reality they dont want to! so the machines and the NS counter desk did not work and I paid full prize for the all trips we did. I tried both dutch and english menu in the machines ( I know a bit dutch) and the NS ticket desk to apply for me the discount it did not work 3 times so ask who is wrong?

Sorry I never trust companies, they always abuse the fact they are monopole. But I also need to defend my rights if it becomes big amounts like this because I am just a poor scientist.

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how can I know which side is check in or check out side (there were no indication for that and I live in NEtherlands already 3 years so I would notice if there were differences, I did not go out of the trainstation.

You can know this by simple logic. The side you approach when entering the station is the Check-in side. The side you approach while leaving the station is the Check-out side. Also, the screen shows either 'Inchecken' or 'Uitchecken'. The check-in system on a pole shows 'in-/uitchecken' and can do both depending on the current status of the card that is presented.

I need to follow the same for the ov chipkaart that I bought for my friend and got the same problem even took 20 euros in check out moment

This 20 euro penalty shows your friend did not use a discount. Next time you travel together with a friend past 9 AM on weekdays or all day on weekends and you are using your Dal Voordeel your friend can get a 40% Joint Journey Discount. This needs to be activated on the OV-chipkaart of your friend at an NS ticketmachine.

See for instructions.

In the future you could also book an e-ticket to Belgium via of You can apply the 40% discount and you don't have to check-in or out anymore.
Hi altugyavuz,

If you send me a private message with your name, adress and date of birth I will look into it and see what i can do for you.

Kind Regards,

YEs it was my first fine and how can I know which side is check in or check out side (there were no indication for that and I live in NEtherlands already 3 years so I would notice if there were differences, I did not go out of the trainstation, I did just checkin (I thought).

So lets assume I made a mistake because of tiredness and so on how am I going to receive back that 10 euro and also the 35 euro back ? Could you describe me? because I already paid the bill and I dont know the procedure and I need to follow the same for the ov chipkaart that I bought for my friend and got the same problem even took 20 euros in check out moment! and then the fine!

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Did you use a gate (i.s.o. a pole) to check-in a Roosendaal on your return trip?

Based on these transactions I would say you tried to check-in at the check-out side of the gate (uitchecken on display). This results in a check-out with a 'unknown' check-in which costs 10 euros (and 20 when you don't have a NS subscription). So the fine was correct since you did not check-in at Roosendaal.

The 10 euros you paid for the mistake at Roosendaal should be refunded, and if this is the first fine you received those 35 euros could possibly be refunded as well because of NS' leniency-policy.