Carry a 56 inches TV

  • 10 October 2021
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Hello ,

I am moving to Heemskerk to Arnhem and would like to carry 56 inches Television by train ( Sprinter & intercity ) ..please suggest - is it allow or not 


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The maximum dimension (length, width, height) of luggage is 85 centimeters.

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No, it's too big.

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The height doesn’t matter much.

A 56” TV (diagonal size) will be approximately be 125 cm wide (including the box maybe 135 or so), and 70 cm high (including the box maybe 80 or so).

If you store the box upright against a wall (on a balcony, where bicycles or wheelchairs go) it should be no problem at all. The floor space used is well within limits.

Inform with the conductor/train manager, because they decide what goes. The picture below was allowed (taking up two folding seats, the bicycle takes up three). Your TV will take op one seat at most (probably none if you sit directly next to it).