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  • 17 juni 2020
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From the first of June the face masks are required to protect ourself and OTHERS!

Is already two weeks I’m taking the train daily to go to work and I see too many people taking their mask off to eat or drink or speak at the phone etc… And even more that people that do not wear the face mask as required; IT SHOULD COVER YOUR FACE, not only the beard right? 

I asked the train inspector to do something but they are just walking like they didn’t even care…. 

How can this be normal? To who should we go when this happens?

Or should we just wait to get sick and then sue the whole NS company to not apply their own rules?? 



3 reacties

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If you get enraged about this then you must not really know how things work here in NL. BTW; in about any other country where the same requirement now is on wearing facemasks, many enraged passengers vent the very same frustration. Staff onboard trains is to check tickets and are not police. The much more common complaint from longtime dutch passengers is generally that they hardly ever see staff doing this.

That’s actually true; In two weeks I saw the staff onboard check the ticket only twice;

In fact there are tons of people that do not buy the train tickets anymore (is almost becoming a trend); 

However according to the train staff who doesn’t wear, or is wearing wrong, the face mask or does not have a ticket should be escorted outside the train at the first stop ( anyway I never saw this happened), even though I never saw this actually happened.




The services provided on the train may be different from what you are used to. Due to the measures announced by the Ministerial Crisis Management Committee and RIVM, fewer travelers are present in public transport and fewer NS employees can be deployed.