ı lost my little bag

  • 9 september 2019
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Hello know ı am going to Amsterdam. I forgot my little bag at the Almere Centrum station or at the train which Zwoelle’s train goes to Almere Centrum. Could you help me please ? My passport and my money were inside the bag. rewrite me as soon as possible please. I really need your help !!!
Thank you

4 reacties

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Call Customer Service (edit) 030 7515155. Customer service is a 24/7 service. Lost and found is not always available. In the case it is found by a trainconductor, it may be at Zwolle. Customer service is capable tot contact them. You do need to fill in the lost property form.
This number is not avaible sir
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030 7515155, my apologies.
Hello Sezer Sevgin and welcome to our NS Community.

The route Thom advised you is the only correct route. Please make sure you give them as much information as possible. Good luck!