Please make Silence and Open signs more visible

  • 18 November 2020
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I've had so many times already that some people are talking loud each other or on the phone in the silence and work/rest compartments. And usually a few people talk to them to stop talking. But some people are very stubborn to not listen to these feedbacks and not really understanding the concept of the signs. When that happens, it's causing more stress for people who chose to sit in such compartments. I can imagine that some people are choosing such compartments because of their health reason such as migraine, anxiety, nausea, and tiredness. 

In my opinion, this happens because those signs are not prominent enough that people tend not to notice or ignore the concept. 

So please, make the signs more visible. The current stickers are way too small or very subtle that not everyone can understand. 

1 reactie

Hi Sakosuke, welcome to the NS Community. 

I can, indeed, imagine this might cause stress and also irritation. I'll forward your request and feedback to the responsible department.