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On May 29th at 19:38, my girlfriend and I wanted to go from Rotterdam Blaak to Heerlen Woonboulevard. Due to disturbances, we had to take different trains (Blaak-Dordrecht-s'Hertogenbosch-Sittard-Heerlen-Heerlen Woonboulevard). In s'Hertogenbosch, we changed trains and entered to IC towards Maastricht. At least that's what the app, the information monitors on the platform, and the label on the train said. Instead, we ended up in Venlo; not just us, but dozens of others, too. Clearly, NS made a mistake labeling the train, and we had to experience a delay of >1h, because we had to go back to Roermond & then Sittard.
The claim I made for a refund was rejected. Sure, this is not a "traditional delay", but your mistake had clear & direct effects on our delay; Why should it be handled differently?

Additionally, it would be interesting to find out the cause of this incident. When we asked the train attendant for a possible reason, he just laughed at us (great customer service).

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**Edit: what was the departure time in 's-Hertogenbosch or Eindhoven?
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**Edit: what was the departure time in 's-Hertogenbosch or Eindhoven?
Departure time in s'Hertogenbosch was 21:09
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The 21.09 train to Maastricht was scheduled to depart from 7A, but was changed to 6B. It departed with an 8 minute delay, so around 21.17.

The Venlo train was scheduled to depart from 7A too, but at 21.26. So you might have taken the wrong train in 's-Hertogenbosch.

At which platform did you board the train?
I boarded the train on platform 6, it was the same platform the train from Dordrecht arrived.
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Hello calbec and welcome to the NS Serviceforum.

I understand that this must have been both a confusing and annoying situation for you. Experience shows: we always update our informationscreens on the platforms first, then we look at the website and the NSapp and last but not least the information on the train itself gets updated. We try to do this at the same time, but you surely understand that an immense challenge is to be found there. This time, we couldn't update all the information in time for you to know what train to travel with. Did you look into the NSapp for more information? Were the platformscreens showing you conflicting information?

Nonetheless, I will send your feedback to the right department, so we realized we were unable to be clear and right at this specific time. Thank you for sharing this with us, we will do our best to improve.
The app said I was in the right train, the information on the platform said I was in the right train, other travelers confirmed this...Until we all got out in Venlo.
The screen in the train said we were going to Amsterdam Schiphol, so that was another conflicting information and complete nonesense. Furthermore, the speakers in the train were broken, the information given there was not at all audible.

Given the abovementioned information that the Maastricht-train and I were on the same platform: What went wrong? Did the train split up? Did you mix up the two destinations? I'm certain that this was not our fault.
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What I can tell is that your train was supposed to go to Maastricht (21:09 platform 6A). The only option that I can think of is that the 20.56 trein to Venlo was delayed and entered the station on this platform. I cannot find any information that it did, but I might be wrong. Slidestops, did the information you find also tell you that the 3573-series was not delayed?
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3573 was cancelled
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The information of the 3573 is rather conflicting. On the route Eindhoven-Venlo it appears as non-cancelled, with the delay indicated on the 'cancelled' train. Even the same mat-number appears on ovtijden. My best guess is that this train departed from 's Hertogenbosch with a delay of approximately 20 minutes (it apparently also made an extra stop with +17 min at Boxtel). Multiple trains between Utrecht/'s Hertogenbosch at that time period got delayed - so I can imagine information was not up 2 date.

Oh: and that delay matches up to the approximate scheduled departure of the IC to Maastricht.
So it was a 'ghost train' that was not in the system anymore, which departed on a platform at the exact same time the Maastricht-train should have departed. Unbelievable.

Thanks to all of you for the effort and the information, appreciate it!
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Furthermore - since the train was labeled as 'Schiphol' we might assume that the original plan was indeed to cancel this train at 's Hertogenbosch, since a replacement train 303576 to Schiphol was planned to start from there. However this train departed with a different mat-number so I assume they changed their minds again and continued the train to Venlo last-minute.

In that case you have indeed 2 sources of conflicting information...