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I have surfaced this on a different topic but I believe this deserves a topic of his own.

I am to travel soon abroad and went looking for ticket on your website NS International and book them there. There you have option to add Discount card here in Netherlands and abroad, in my case I have free travel in Germany and added this option on your search request. At the same time, as I am travelling with my 5 year old kid, added his Free Child option as well.

After doing this, I found out if I book together with my kid, the ticket price is twice as I would book for myself. The discounts are void when I add my kid. This to me is very odd and not fair.

Anxious to know what is happening, I went straight to the station and asked about this. They seem surprised too but they worked it out and I received the fair price I deserve.

The request here is, most people do not know about this and are not sure what to do, and probably end up paying the full amount. Please fix this as soon as possible on your website, because otherwise, you are ripping people off.

Thank you

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Hey jesra86. I read the question in the other topic and I'm just as confused as you are. I probably should have mentioned this earlier in the other topic, but I've contacted colleagues from NS International to take a look at this. I haven't received a reply yet, however.
I've received an update from my colleagues! They've forwarded the issue to their IT department responsible for the website. I'll let you know as soon as I receive an update on the situation!
Update: I've not yet received any further information from my colleagues. I've sent a reminder!
This has been passed over to ConsuWijzer and ACM for further research.
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Seems the ordering system doesn't allow separate discounts for multiple people on the same ticket, so you will need two tickets in that case (like the ones you received at the service desk).

Good catch that adding a kid voids the discount in NL. Hope they can fix it, or at least give an error message in situations like this.
Update: It's indeed a problem related with multiple discounts, Robert B! It seems that a combination of three different discounts in the same order causes issues. Adding a child essentially counts as a third discount, which results in the pricing for the adult becoming erroneous. Anyway, the problem has been located, we are currently working on a fix. Unfortunately we have no ETA for that yet, but as soon as I get any new information I will let you know.
Update: I've received an update from my colleague that the IT-department is still working on the issue.
Update: Unfortunately I've no particular news. The IT-department is still working on a solution.