I lost my Nikon DSLR Camera bag in Thalys train

Dear All Travellers,

I was traveling from Paris to Amsterdam and I lost my Nikon Black color Camera bag in Thalys Train.
These are details about my lost item
Train No 9381 (Thalys from Paris to Amsterdam)
Travel Date: 16-07-2017 in Evening
Class : 1
Carriage : 12 and seat no : 42

A black color Nikon Camera Bag contains Nikon DSLR 5200 Camera + Canon Handycam.
Please if anyone traveling on that date and found it please let me know as there are lots of memories with my kid which I clicked with this Camera.

D. Kumar

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Hello D. Kumar en welcome to the NS Serviceforum.

Unfortunately, the founder will probably not be on this forum. However, I do advise you to check this website, so you can report your camera as a lost object. When it's found, you will be contacted if you leave your information there. Here is the website I want you to go to. Good luck, sounds like a nice camera, I hope you will get it back soon.