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  • 25 September 2020
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I booked a ticket from Vlissingen to Hannover (Germany) for Sep. 28. We still need a ticket for our bikes also for the german train. Its not possible to book them on the phone from Deutsche Bahn and neither online. The people on the phone told us we need to book them in a travelcenter at the Train station. We are in Zeeland. Theres no Train Station here and the next place is Vlissingen. We could go there but we are not sure if its even possible to buy the tickets there. We need like 2 hours to get there. My question now:Is there a Travelcenter or a possibility to buy our biketickets (with the reservation on the german train!) there in Vlissingen? Or is it a trainstation without a center? Or is it possible to buy only the biketickets online?

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There is no travel centre near you. The nearest ones would be Breda or Rotterdam Centraal.  You can’t book bicycle tickets and reservations online either.

The only way to book your tickets is to call NS International at +31 (0)30 230 0023.

More information on the page

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WHICH route will you use? WHAT ype of ticket do you hold? In Germany they make a big difference between Fernverkehr=long distance (need to reserve space for bikes, these trains are named IC or ICE and are quite much more upmarket as what here in NL NS calls IC) or NAHverkehr=short distance, for which bikes are often free or cost a litle-this differs province/land as they control and subsidize it all.

In your position people often go around this by using a non-reserved short-dist train over the border and then, depending on destination, use another Fernverkhr train. This is often also much cheaper.

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Don’t overcomplicate things.

They want to reserve a ticket on the IC from a station in NL to Hannover. International bicycle tickets can only be bought at a very few railway stations and via the telephone. 

The easiest way to travel would be to take the IC from Vlissingen to Amsterdam Centraal and then the direct IC to Hannover. It is not the fastest route but it only involves 1 change of train.

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There are indeed faster roiutes from Vlissingen to Hannover but than you have lots of changes to save like 30 minutes.