Activation of NS Account for my wife (using activation code)

  • 24 december 2018
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Our issue is similar to the one mentioned in

I am trying to help activate NS account for my wife. we have opted for the activation code method as she already had a personal chip card and just wanted to link to NS account. But the activation process is never complete and every time we log out and login back in the same error.

Something went wrong
Something gets wrong when retrieving the desired information. A notification of this has been stored.
And if we navigate to the homepage then we receive another error message

An error has occurred

[h4]We can not give you access to My NS due to a technical problem at this time, please try again later or contact customer service.[/h4]

This means the data is not being updated properly.
How best can we resolve this. I already contacted Twitter support but did not receive any favorable resolution yet.

Please advice

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Good evening rathishbin and welcome to the NS Community!

I'm very sorry to read that you're having these issues with the Mijn NS account of your wife. I'm afraid though that I don't have any other options that my colleagues via Twitter don't have. If you've already contacted our Customer Service there, I would advice to keep the contact there as well, as they'll have an overview of what has already been attempted and what hasn't. They'll be able to help you just as well I as can. 🙂