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  • 7 January 2016
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Sorry I don't speak Dutch. I bought the daal vordeel discount in November 2014 and I would like to access and print the invoice for it. When I go to Mijn NS and Mijn factuuren, it says "Er zijn geen facturen gevonden" once I put in the correct dates. Where can I find it?

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Hi norbertmik,

No problem you don't speak Dutch. There are many forum members who speak English decently. What do you want to have? A 'factuur' (kind of receip) with the yearly cost for the Dal Voordeel subscription? Those should be visible under 'Mijn facturen'. If you are looking for an overview of travel transactions, please have a look at 'Mijn reishistorie (trein)'.

Later this day, an NS employee will come and read this topic. He/she might help you further!
Thanks for the help! The problem has been solved.
When I was getting the daal voordeel, I didn't have a bank account yet and a friend let me pay from his. Now only he has access to it, but it is obtainable. 😃