I can't see my information in my NS account

  • 16 May 2021
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Hi everyone,


I don't if it is only me or more people are having this problem.

Since few weeks ago( don't know exactly could even a couple of months) I cannot see my data related to my NS account. I can log in but I cannot see my transactions/trips , I cannot change my NS Flex subscription or anything related. 

This platform is really having some problems(bugs).

Please could you share if any of you if you are experiencing similar behaviour?


If support can let me know if they are fixing something in the platform I would appreciate it. I don't remember when my subscriptions end/ is kind of important..


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Beste antwoord door Danny NS 17 May 2021, 10:00

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Hi Airam and welcome to the NS Community!

Our customer service can help you with that for sure. You can contact them here.

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