I need an invoice for all my travels in 2014

  • 7 November 2015
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Hi Everyone.

hope you can help. for my tax filing (very boring) i need an invoice for all my NS travel. i can download the summary of all my checkin and check outs for the whole year. But is there a possibility to just get one invoice for the whole year? i couldnt see anything on the NS website.

thanks for your advice.


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Its is not quite clear what you mean: you mean the grand total of the money spent? Thats not possible-you first have to indicate what trips are ''on account'' or private, then you can make a print-out of that stuff, if its for (Dutch?) tax, then they can ask to see that and will not be satisfied with just the total. But most private persons do not even need that-there is a Dutch simplified general ruling only based on the distance home-work.
HI. unfortunately i need it for german taxes. for me 100% is business so i dont need to do any form of classification.. . I was hoping i would be able to print out one piece of paper which says my total travel cost for 2014. this is lot easier than having all the individual transactions which is what you can print out from the My NS site now.

thanks or your help!
Welcome at the NS Serviceforum. Unfortunately we don't have this option for MijnNS accounts. I will inform my colleagues about this. Maybe it will be possible in the future.
Hey Iris.

thanks for your response. maybe its possible to get it emailed for now? .


Hi Neil. The effort NS has to take to make this for you, is the same effort it will take you 🙂.
NS will not provide you with such an overview. For Dutch taxes there is no such requirement.
I can make my own invoice for the amount but then it wont be official as compared to if it came from NS. the german tax authority will think that i am making stuff up, thex are very very strict out here in germany 😞 .

thanks for all your help. if its possible to get a piece of paper that will be grat, if not i will figure something else out!


I can not imagine that Deutsche Bahn will do such a thing for all its customers either.